The Battle for BAMF!

The Gang goes medevil on your ass

The Battle for BAMF begins!

Thrull and Tink take on a swath of Orphan Soldiers, and one lumbering Flesh Golem.

The party is joined by Syris, and his army of fey and animal companions, whose healing powers were greatly appreciated in the long grueling battle.

Ari duels a second Flesh Golem, keeping the parties flank safe.

Slamming together the Knuckles, Evandur activates one of the powers of the artifact, growing in size and power

Sam1 and Sam2 pull off a master stroke pincer attack. Sam2 distracts Evandur, giving up his life as part of the maneuver, while Sam1 leaps from behind, casting anit-magic shell which cancels out Evandur’s anti-life shell, and with the luck of a hafling bard rips off one of the Titan’s Strength Knuckles

Cannon and Mug bond over twin sacred flame blasts, searing away the Wyverns attacking The Minnow.

Neph, using his Ranger Skills, vanishes from sight, hiding in the shadow to pick off Orphan soldiers and scouts with his bow. Inflicting all of the wyverns with a boner dart barrage.

Padawan successfully defends Thrull from the mind altering effects of Evandur’s dark magic. Firing off a blast from The Kraken and officially becoming an adventurer, gaining his first level as an Artificer.

The party hears a second approaching Flesh Golem, and doubles down their attacks on the dark cleric.

As the party begins to see the enemy falling, and House BAMF gaining strength, in the distance the sound of flapping wings, and a bellow of an ancient white dragon echoes through the air.


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