Home is where the ballpit is

The Gang prepares

The adventurers find themselves in the Moving Market on the King’s Road in the Underdark. Having purchased a magical mandolin, ivory goat statuettes, Samuel conjures his Magnificent Mansion, securing a safe place for the party to rest.

The mansion truly is magnificent, if not a bit more style than substance, as a couple party members discover some of the many doors lead to dead ends, or simply brick walls.

There is, of course, a massive dinning hall, and spectral servants dressed to the nines if not a bit intrusive.

And best of all, Samuel’s Mansion has a Ball Pit, where Padawan, Neph, and Kurt spent the evening forgetting about their past troubles.

Padawan is Neph’s newly recruited apprentice. One whom Neph is dedicated to helping find his own unique path, and to train him the necessary skills needed to survive this deadly world. A young boy with long brown hair, who has been a slave to the Drow for as long as he can remember. He is shy and slowly opening up to House BAMF.

Darin, having purchased the freedom of six slaves, gave a rousing speech with the help of minor illusion and his awakened mind powers convinced the group of slaves to join with BAMF against Rhogar. Azrael, a male woodelf, was particularly moved and offered his skill with an axe to aid Renets Devout Militia. Then with the help of Sam, Darin sent the new recruits to Herkaros, with instructions to find Jezel, Sam’s beautiful bard companion.

Hous BAMF discusses possibly initiating Darin into the family.

After breakfast, Neph asks Cannonacht “Cannon” Tamir to bestow Padawan with a blessing from Pele. Cannon agrees and after a couple hours of meditation his ritual imbues a small strip of leather with the power to cast Sanctuary once a day. Giving Padawan the gift of safety in the dangerous Underdark.

Having rested and relaxed, the party steps outside, closing the doors to Sam’s Magnificent Mansion, only to see five hideous Illithid, the mind flayers of the Underdark attacking a group of Drow. Attracting the rabid Illithid, they attack and begin a battle for their very sanity.


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