Big, Loud, and Incredibly Deadly

The Gang meets Ari

Walking into a Mindflayer ambush, the party charges to battle. Being their first time facing off against these psychic fiends, their brains would have been mush, if not for the quick thinking of Samuel Nimblefingers, and the soothing sounds of Enya played from his flute, giving the entire party advantage on their saves.

The battle raged on, but in a remote tunnel near a Drow stronghold, Ari, the Paladin of an Ancient Oath, discovered her only friend in this maddening realm, her last connection to the world above, her plant Fenri, was stolen and her home (Cave) was ransacked. In a frantic search she followed the tracks and traces of slime from an Illithid, why the mindflayer broke into her sanctuary and stole her only comfort is still a mystery.

Following the tracks, she came upon a massive battle between the Mindflayers and House BAMF. Lead by her sense of justice, and a renewed hope born from this surprise visit of those from the world above, Ari charges into the fray.

The battle ends, with much of the group slowly recovering from being stunned by the psychic powers of the Mindflayers.

Ari bonds quickly with Kurt, and Neph welcomes her warmly, seeing his companion’s acceptance. Consulting with Kurt, both Neph and Ari discover Ari’s plant has been taken into the Illithid Layer. Which, as coincidence would have it, is where House BAMF is heading as well. They must cast a spell upon the elder brain, so Marlix, the Myconid Necromancer can draw his arcane energy to elongate his life and protect the rest of the Myconids from the dangers of the Underdark, in addition cure House BAMF from the wasting disease they all contracted fighting the Wasting Horror.

Putting their heads together, the group decides to split into two parties, a scout and recon party, and a diversion party. The diversion party will distract the Illithid from their layer, while the scout team will sneak in and cast the spell upon the Elder Brain.

The scout team sneaks into the Illithid layer, and after distracting two of the Illithid with Bigby’s Hand they progress into the Lair. When time comes for the distraction team to make a ruccus. Zim, Content Not Found: daren thrall, secretively sneaks away under orders from his master Darin. He begins to set up the massive bomb, they created in Herkaros in the battle against The Orphanage. A covert plan, to help the party in a worst case scenario goes horribly wrong, as a failed sneak attempt by Zim draws the attention of ten Illithid warriors who begin charging the mentally unstable gnome and the giant bomb. Darin commands his thrall to sacrifice himself and detonate the bomb, but in doing so destroys the bag of holding and everything inside.

The explosion rocks the caverns, sending the remaining illithid careening out of their layer to defend their home. Freeing the scout team to sneak into the layer, finding Ari’s Plant in the process but also discovering a band of Orphanage Warriors lead by an Elf clad in massive plate armor. Turning to them, the see the elf is Evandur, but a torturous version of their brother, their friend. His eyes inky black, and the symbols of Sune ripped from his shield and armor. Replaced with dark deep scars.

To be continued next week!


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